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Full Face (Volto)

Full Face (Volto)

The literal translation of the Italian word "Volto" in English is "countenance" and it is a word only used today in Italy in a formal setting.  Normal conversation would use the word "faccia" for face in this context.  A Volto mask is a full face mask.

These Masquerade Masks have been worn since the 15th century in Venice and very early versions used this name, but were slightly modified to allow the wearer to eat and drink.  Volto masks give the artist a larger canvas.

These Venetian Wall Masks can be worn to a Masquerade event or purchased as a stunning decoration for your home.  A full face masquerade mask can be an excellent feature and these Venetian wall masks are all hand made in many of the ancient designs used in Venice centuries ago.

To see a short history of the Volto mask, click here.

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