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Jolly Mask being worn at Masquerade PartyColombina "Jolly" face masks are very distinctive with their "punte" or points.  The points are often used to portray a particular theme, such as the music score, or particular colors of an ancient design.

This Colombina Jolly design is based on the full face Jolly masks and combines the essence of this design with the utility of a "half mask" or Colombina style masquerade mask.  This makes the Colombina Jolly mask far more practical to wear to a Masquerade Ball or Masked Ball, as the wearer can easily eat and drink while wearing the mask.

The "Jolly" design is based on the Jester character in the ancient "Commedia dell'arte" theater that used to run in the 15th Century in Venice and other parts of Italy.  The "punte" or "points" with the bells on the end are what the "jester" used to wear in this theater.  The Jesters were known for their laughter.

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